About Us

About Bancrédito

Bancrédito International Bank, Corporation is an International Banking Entity (IBE) founded in 2008 as part of an International Financial Services Group with over one hundred and twenty years of experience in the Banking World; established under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, regulated by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF) of Puerto Rico and governed under Puerto Rican State laws and by applicable federal laws of the United States of America.

The services of Bancrédito International Bank, Corporation are directed towards individuals and companies from around the world (with a focus on Latin America) wishing to diversify their investments and maintain assets in a safe and reliable place.

Vision & Goals

Our goal is to establish Bancrédito as a Bank that offers the best digital banking, allowing you to have all of your finances in one modern platform, targeting effective and reliable global solutions in financial services, with a proactive approach in a technologically advanced, private and confidential environment.

Our main goal is for clients to feel satisfied about their relationship with Bancrédito in a secure and more efficient environment.

Pillars of Bancrédito

The pillars that constitute Bancrédito are:

  • Tradition
  • Experience
  • Strength
  • Vision
  • Perseverance

Operating Principals

Bancrédito works with five fundamental principles:

  1. Customer guidance, rather than an approach oriented to simply managing financial products.
  2. Banking Relationship, going from being a simple service provider to a complete customer adviser
  3. Profitability Approach, we work to perpetuate the assets of our customers and their future generations
  4. Risk Approach, putting the risk to be assumed by each client ahead of profitability and volume targets
  5. Quality Service, as the key to customer retention and its profitability

We have combined experiences to create a modern, efficient and unique bank to make our client’s banking experience easy, quick and safe, wherever they are.


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